More arrangements.

I think I may be addicted to blogging.  Let’s see how it goes after class starts tomorrow.

In the mean time, a few more arrangements.  I did these a few weeks back on one of my last days at Bloomies.

This one contains a variety of garden roses in cream and light yellow, soft orange roses called “Fragrant Fantasy,” cream-colored double stock, tuberose, and oregano.  It smelled absolutely unbelievable.  I love the simple 6″ hurricane vase too–it’s a fun one to arrange in.  Perceptive readers will notice the camelia-leaf web sneaking out around the bottom edge.  Sometimes I add a few in at the end to make a little collar.  Here’s another view:

I gave the above arrangement as a gift. 

Next was something for myself, so I was experimenting a went a little wild:

While the previous arrangement adheres fairly strictly to a traditional palate, both in color and design (perhaps save the oregano) this one is just out-there.  I wanted something garden-y and very textural.  Unfortunately the subtlety of the palate was very difficult to capture, both with flash and afternoon light.  I’m totally blanking on the name of those puffy white flowers…but the rest of the contents are: scabiosa pods, pale yellow cockscomb celosia, flowering purple oregano, and white yarrow.  Here are a couple more shots, hopefully they’ll do some justice.  It really worked in person, and in my 1910 craftsman bungalow.  That last one is great because you can see the cockscomb celosia in pale yellow at approximately 4 and 9 o’clock.

Thanks MK for the photos.


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3 responses to “More arrangements.

  1. soother1978

    i really need those soothing arrangements for my apartment wild

  2. saddleshoos

    Wild I need to MAKE arrangements for your apartment. Your apartment basically is the #1 soothing locale in the 5 boroughs.

  3. sam

    aren’t those puffy whites something with a c? like cerberus? (but not…but similar) are they the ones that look vaguely like pineapples? i agree with your cool friend soother1978, i also need those soothing arrangements for my apartment. i made one the other day because i wound up at bloomies for 257345345 hours for some reason (probably because justin would not let me go home) but it was not as soothing – just loud and emphatically textured, with lavender.

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