F.O.D. (Flower of the Day)

I just returned from O.S.H.: Orchard Supply and Hardware.  Other than independently owned hardware stores it’s pretty much the only place I will go for necessary home improvement supplies.  Home Depot is basically my idea of a quick trip to hell.  And though I. loves Lowe’s almost as much as he loves Frye’s…I for the most part just can’t get down with mega stores (perhaps with the exception of an occasional target run for their GO International collections such as the current one by Richard Chai, they just get the hottest designers.  Wtf. Like Temperley).

Today on my trip to O.S.H. I bought replacement rope for my old craftsman-style weighted windows, a new non-kink 50ft. hose, and stainless steel cleaner for the espresso machine.  

One of the things I love about random hardware-type places is peeping the flowers on your way in and out.  

Dahlias are gorgeous perennials we’ve been enjoying for at least a solid month now, though as far as I know the season will be coming to a close soon.  I loved this one I saw for sale at O.S.H.:

They stand straight up on sturdy stocks, and often the bloom faces parallel to the stem.  I like some dahlias, and love others, there are many different types.  Though I’ve found them a bit of a nightmare to arrange with given their usual direction of growth.  More photos to come.

I also did a google search on dahlia season and came up with this blog post about dahlias, and found out they are the “official San Francisco flower.” 

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