Anniversary Devotion

September 15 has proven to be an auspicious day in the life of Saddleshoos.

Let us give our thanks to M. and D. also known as D. and V. who are married 30 years today.

D-A-R-L-I-N-G by Beach House


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4 responses to “Anniversary Devotion

  1. soother1978

    That’s soothing they’ve been together for so long and so wild to me they got married right before you were born (sort of)

    So much wildness in this world

    I need to soothe with you hard

  2. jan

    Congrats to van dyke and sally!

  3. Dahlin'

    Thank you for your wishes as we celebrate our lives together. It has been amazing and wonderful and as words fail me (imitation is the highest form of flattery, hereafter to be known as “IITHFOF”) the wildness soothes. Always love.

  4. Framed Shame

    This strain of comments is both soothing and wild. The unexpected denouement of a rare Dahlin’ comment! amazing!

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