Farmer’s Market Ranunculus

Soother1978 and I went to the Temescal Farmer’s Market at the Oakland DMV this morning with a mission for beautiful, full, even FAT ranunculus.

We got three bunches for $10.  I got to use my new basket/vase for the first time!  Here are the results:




It’s still early in the season so the ranuncs aren’t AS fat as I like them, but they’ll get there.

Soother1978 soothed himself with a fried chicken sandwich from Bakesale Betty’s while we were in the area.  We love the sandwiches, but we discussed the inherent unsoothingness of places with a single, great thing that everyone has to cue up for–the Magnolia Bakery vibe–great products but so much hype!  Hype doesn’t soothe.  And Oakland, as much as I love it, has that small-town vibe where there’s always a line for anything good because there isn’t enough competition (think Ici and Blue Bottle Coffee).  Bring your business to Oakland!  If you build it we will spend!  We need a Blue Barn to soothe in the East Bay!


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5 responses to “Farmer’s Market Ranunculus

  1. The hype of that sandwich is understandable, if not quite justified. Like every consecutive cigarette in the pack, it draws you in each afternoon spent loafing in the greater Rridge/Temescal vortex, in search of nosh.

    Idea: we should start ironing our shirts on the ironing boards they use for tables! Or maybe trick them out with a lil ranunculus!

  2. Kate Bensen

    Your ranunculus are beautiful, maybe you could put them on the sidewalk where the police officers were gunned down.

    • saddleshoos

      Thanks for your comment Kate, I can tell you’re really upset about the killings. They are horrible. I occasionally blog about current events and social justice issues, but I’m not always willing to make my personal responses to such events public. Your comment implicitly raises interesting questions about the responsibility of all writers to talk about these issues in the public sphere. I think about these issues regularly as I ponder the what and why of ARL. I hope you rest assured that I value consciousness, and am similarly distressed about the killing of the officers and the state of our city. Thanks for reading.

  3. Kate Bensen

    A wonderful and completely understood reply.

  4. KRB

    Another fab arrangement looking beautiful in your basket. SR would approve. In fact am sending her the post!

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