What Schoolmarms and the Runway have in Common

Hair powder has long been touted on the runway, and is a centuries-old tradition for dealing with unmanageable (at times un-clean) hair.

This fall pass on Bumble and Bumble and Johnson and Johnson and go for my new favorite:

Dr. Haushka’s Body Silk, nurturing luxurious powder for face, hair and body.

Smells amazing and works like a dream.  Puff, puff, brush.  A brilliant solution for early mornings before school too.

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One response to “What Schoolmarms and the Runway have in Common

  1. KRB

    I hate the word fashionista but I digress—tell me more! I got duped into buying the bumble hair powder in spray form(big mistake) rather than shake. This is really better than my trusted B&B?

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