She Knows Not What She Does

Xanga is for AZNs. Blogger is for generic people who post 3 times and then quit. WordPress is for douchebaggy blogs about politics/parenting. Tumblr is for alts/high end design meme consumers. Livejournal is from people who are stuck in the year 2000. Twitter is ass holes. Typepad is for old people. Geocities are for authentic alts?

Discovering the truth at Kind of funny, though I would call hipsterrunoff pretty douchebaggy, not to mention I can smell their hair from here.  And the pictures are gross.  I. has Tumblr.


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7 responses to “She Knows Not What She Does

  1. sam

    like, that website pretty much made me want to barf.

  2. saddleshoos

    I know me too, but soother1978 is randomly soothed by it. I think it is going at the top of my “things that are NOT soothing” list. I almost found it scary…

    but I thought the self-interested self-referential blogging about blog servers was kind of funny.

  3. sam

    the blog server thing was definitely funny! i think maybe soother1978 is soothed by it because i saw a cool entry on there about how that blogger dude or whoever runs the site would totally do it to him…i know that would soothe me!

  4. sam

    and twitter IS for assholes!

  5. soother1978

    no I just think it’s funny


    😦 sad face goes for sadleshoos taking down her post about unsoothing

  6. sam

    admittedly, said website is pretty funny. i took a second look at it. on another note, i wish i knew how to make cool emoticons in this comment box like that! (seriously) i can only do these ones: 🙂
    maybe it will turn into a little face when i post the comment? teach me!
    saddleshoos, i hope we will be able to see each other in person soon!

    ps: i won 15 bucks at a poker game last night. i thought you might be impressed…

  7. sam

    WHOA! it DID turn into a little face when i posted the comment! uh…never mind.

    (i hope that one turns out with sunglasses on. i remember that from my instant message days…)

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